Green Fuel Club

Portland Fuel Card customers can now join our exclusive Green Fuel Club to help offset your carbon emissions through our carbon compensation scheme. Members of the Green Fuel Club can minimise the negative impact of burning fuel by funding CO2 reduction and prevention projects, such as the preservation of rainforests, use of sustainable fuel technologies and other innovative solutions, whilst supporting developing communities around the world.

How does it work?

Portland will conduct an analysis of your carbon emissions based on weekly fuel usage, calculating both direct (emitted upon combustion i.e. tailpipe) and indirect (emitted during the fuel refining/production/transport process) emissions produced. Based on your usage, you pay a membership fee to cover the cost of offsetting your direct emissions, while Portland covers the cost of all indirect emissions on your behalf.

Each month you will receive a carbon reduction update, detailing the projects you are supporting through your Green Fuel Club membership and updating you on your ongoing carbon compensation figures.

Case Study: NDL’s journey to decarbonisation

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the customer.

NDL* is an independent manufacturer and distributor of AdBlue, a product that reduces nitrous oxide emissions in vehicles. NDL wanted to align with their product values and reduce the carbon emissions produced when burning fuel.

Due to high costs, NDL were unable to update their fleet to run on alternative fuel sources (such as electricity) or use more expensive renewable fuels and remain a competitive business. NDL therefore joined the Green Fuel Club in order to offset their emissions without making changes to infrastructure or fleet.

NDL vehicles filled up on the road using their Portland Fuel Card as normal, paying a monthly membership to the Green Fuel Club in order to offset their direct emissions. NDL received a monthly report detailing their total carbon emissions offset and information on the projects funded by their membership.

Across a 12-month period, NDL’s Green Fuel Club membership covered the cost of removing 182 tonnes of CO2e via direct emissions, while Portland covered the remaining 43 tonnes of CO2e to help them reach complete carbon neutrality on their fuel combustion.

Taking action towards reducing their carbon footprint has enhanced NDL’s corporate social responsibility, leading to customer retention as a result of growing preference for environmentally conscious suppliers.

Green Fuel Club membership has also created a strong reputation with stakeholders and increased morale among employees who are now a part of a business that is playing their part in helping the UK to reach its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.